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    Programs offered based on the Dementia RAW Method

  • What is the Dementia RAW Method?

    Dementia RAW focuses on creating connection and simplifying communication

    with the person living with dementia through the rules of improv comedy and the pillars of empathy.

    Programs Offered

    Dementia RAW Workshop (4 Hours)

    This 4- Hour workshop lays the foundation of the Dementia RAW Method.

    Act I - Scene I: Sets the stage for learning how to use empathy by excavating your raw emotions through interactive exercises, perspective taking and class dialogue.

    Act I - Scene 2: Directs the participants through 4 rules of improv that become the foundation in which all communication with the PWD is funneled. Improv games and dementia scenes build confidence in communication for caregivers.

    Act I - Scene 3: Unscripted, this is where we pull everything together, guiding participants through self-selected scenes of dementia and honing their skills of communication using both Improv and Empathy.


    Price: $2,000 + Travel

    For up to 45 participants. Please contact us to schedule.

    Certified Dementia Communication Specialist (16 Hours)


    This certification builds on the foundational concepts of the Dementia RAW Method, Empathy, and Improv. These concepts are put to test with Dementia Perception Challenges, Self-Reflection, Facilitated practice of the improv rules and The Care Plan Alternative.

    Offered in two different formats (online and in person), the CDCS encourages you to dig deep within yourself, trudging through the four pillars of empathy and the four main rules of improv. Tami and Cathy encourage vulnerability and open discourse with the participants in order to learn from each other and their experiences.


    Price: $399 In Person | $250 OnLine

    MORE Info | REGISTER | InPerson Schedule

    Dementia Perception Challenge Educator Program (7 Hours)

    DPC Educator

    The Dementia Perception Challenge Educator Course takes the participant head first into real-life scenarios that simulate the experiences, emotions, and reactions of persons living with dementia. The DPC Educator Program helps us to embrace a “relationship-centered” approach by becoming introspective, vulnerable and willing to take on the perspectives of others.


    The best way to do this is to live it, if only for a short time. The 10 D.P.C.’s that you will complete places you in a place of uncertainty, in the real world. Your sense of empathy, sensitivity, and understanding will compound after each challenge, impacting your awareness of the urgency of a culture change.


    After completing all challenges and the final exam you will be granted the opportunity to share these challenges as a one-hour presentation.


    Price: $250 OnLine


    Dementia Communication Essentials

    For: Family Members - COMING SOON!

    This program is brought to you by a grant from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America.

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    Silver Dawn Organization

    For: Memory Care Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Nursing Homes & Home Care Companies.


    Working from a common language unites the team caring for those living with dementia. Becoming a Silver Dawn Organization helps you to connect with and communicate with the person living with dementia based on the Dementia RAW Method.


    This program includes 8 certifications, a 4 Hour training for all staff, weekly stand up exercises, marketing manual, 2 DPC Educator courses & 1-Hour Family program.


    Price: $6,000 + travel

    Keynote Speaking

    60-90 Minute Keynote

    $1,000 + Travel


    Contact us: SDTI@DementiaRAW.com | (219) 649-1732

    Bring Our Programs to YOUR Community

    Most of our programs can be brought to your location.

    Please reach out to discuss the opportunities available and how we can make your event interactive, fun and a huge success!

    SDTI@DementiaRAW.com | (219) 649-1732


    We can provide CEU's for our programs.

    We can provide them for the following professions:

    ~ Social Work ~ LPN & RN ~ Nursing Home Administrators ~ CSA ~PT, OT & ST ~Activity Professionals

    ~ CDP and More.

    Price: $15 per person per course


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